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Benefits of improving the workplace

The many benefits of purchasing new furniture are not tangible which makes it difficult for a company to quantify the spend on the furniture.

In the numerous studies that have been conducted it has been proven that changes to the work environment which includes office chairs, desks and lighting is appreciated by the staff. The staff in general appreciate that the company is trying to improve their workplace and that they care as much about them as their business.

It has been found that improving the working environment leads to less turnover of staff and as staff retention is a major concern to companies it is most definitely a desirable outcome.

Make a Good First Impression

The reception area is the first impression that you give of your company and as most people form an impression within the first 10 seconds of meeting a person the same is true of a company. If you are trying to portray that your company is forward thinking and progressive you need to ensure that this comes across from the first moment they walk into the company.

Whatever the size of your reception you can make that all important good first impression and for a relatively small investment you are able to say a lot about your company.

Look at the space you have to work with and then look at the type of furniture available. If you have a large area you may want to put a reception unit in and have it manned with a receptionist who is able to greet your guests personally. You will also then need to have an area for them to seat in whilst waiting for the appropriate person to become available. When purchasing seating for your guests bare in mind that people who do not know each other would rather have their own individual space so if space is tight it is more appropriate to have 2 individual chairs than one sofa. It is also useful to have a small coffee table where you can put out your company profile and trade magazines for them to peruse.

How to find the perfect chair for you

Finding the perfect chair can be both time consuming and confusing. With over 20 years experience our aim is to help you choose the right product at the most competitive price and deliver it direct to your premises fast and free.

In the product description there are a number of phrases used to describe the key features of the chair and to enable you to make an informed choice depending on your requirement. These are:-

The seat height can be adjusted up and down to accommodate the users height requirement using a gas lift for ease.

The back of the chair can be moved forward and backwards to adjust the angle of the chair. This can be left in a free flowing reclining position and offers permanent contact to the back. It can also be locked into place.

The Back adjusts up and down to accommodate the users back height.

Also known as Knee Tilt this moves the pivot point allowing the body to recline at a more relaxed angle.

Seat Slide - Seat moves backwards and forwards to accommodate the length of the users legs.

Can adjust the tension to accommodate individual users weight.

Light Duty Office Chair
Suitable for up to 5 hours use per day for use in the home office and as a light duty office chair.

Heavy Duty Office Chair
Suitable for up to 8 hours usage per day and is ideal for both the home office and normal office environment.

What size of table do I need?

Below offers a basic guideline for restaurant and cafe table capacities. These are based on a standard chair size, if you are using a larger chair for example if the chair swivels or is on castors then you need to adjust accordingly. Also when deciding on table size you need to take into account the following:-

1) What is the average number of customers sitting at a table. There is no point getting large tables if your average tends to be 2, it would be much wiser to purchase mainly 2 seat square tables and put two or more together for larger parties.

2) The type of dining experience also determines the size of the table required, for example fast food and cafe requires a lot less space than fine dining where there is more crockery, cutlery and glasses used.

3) If using a tray system you need to make sure that there is adequate space on the top to accommodate them.

Number of persons per table - circular

600mm = 2
750mm = 2 - 4
900mm = 3 - 4
1200mm = 5 - 6
1500mm = 6 - 8
1800mm = 8 - 10

Number of persons per table - square/rectangular

600mm x 600mm = 2
900mm x 900mm = 4
1200mm x 600mm = 4
1800mm x 750mm = 8

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