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  Requiring a total of 125 credits to complete the bachelor's program.
  Requiring a total of 65 credits to complete the master's program.
  Offering a wide range of majors to choose from for specialization.
  Requiring a total of 65 credits to complete the associate program.
  Provides services to our existing students.
  Provides services to our graduates or former students.
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  This program allows working adults to obtain degrees in their desired field. Click here
  This program allows organizations to help their outstanding employees obtain degrees for career advancement.
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Belford University is one of the pioneering institutes serving the educational cause and the unique needs of working professionals. With a large number of students and working adults currently enrolled at Belford, we believe in education for everyone.

Belford University offers bachelor's, master's, associate, and doctorate degree programs, each with a wide range of majors. Our curriculum is kept fully abreast of all the latest technology advances, allowing working adults to realize their career aspirations and self-enhancement goals

Five new majors will be included in the bachelor’s degree program next semester.
Denise Hanker, a Belford PhD, speaks at the annual thespian’s convention.
A proposal for an on-line library is under consideration.
Belford University receives this year’s Clair’s Award for Excellence.
We are an internationally recognized
on-line university.
Belford’s curriculum is kept fully abreast of all the latest technology advances.
Belford’s qualified academic staff possesses full command over all the disciplines in our curriculum.
Belford offers a wide range of courses to help your career prosper.
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Mechanical    Engineering
Criminal Justice
Social Work
Business    Administration
Information    Technology
Biblical Studies

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